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  1. Denise Dechene
    Denise Dechene at |

    I love to read books with kids in them. The three you mentioned are very good reads with kids. Some of my favorites are:

    Unlikely Hero-Sean Michael
    My Three Dads-Zane Silva
    Life Lessons-Kaje Harper

  2. Dixie Bryant
    Dixie Bryant at |

    I 💘 stories with children. My favorite has to be Hannah and Kola in the Matter of Time series by Mary Calmes. They fit perfectly!

  3. 16forward
    16forward at |

    I love them when they’re realistic… so they have to fit ‘our’ time in with real life needs. Playdates, colds, being tired… not perfect little robots.

  4. Elle Dm
    Elle Dm at |

    Yes and no. Honestly it depends how it’s done. It irritates when kids are shoe-horned into a relationship,or when the female/mother is made out to be a complete wicked witch. Plus, not everyone wants kids, something, that as a female I am constantly expected to justify against comments like “oh it’s different if they’re your own.” So, yes and no. They can dominate in a not-so good way, but there are some good examples out there – Amy Lane’s recent Bonfires is a prime example.

  5. Cristina Bruni
    Cristina Bruni at |

    I really love stories with children if they are well written and with a good setting. Your stories with Life lessons’ Ben and Anna are such beautiful.


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