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  1. miracoleblog
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    It’s funny how different people get different things out of the same book! I really liked this one, thought the story line was well plotted and loved the secondary characters. The mystery pulled me in right from the start. I liked the 2nd one also, and its focus on one of the secondary characters from this one.

    1. vicki
      vicki at |

      That is very true! We all see different things, and look for different things. I had a hard time rating it, because I did REALLY like some things, but I kept getting confused about who was who. It also depends on my mood, sometimes I do want a really busy plot with lots of characters, then other times I want less. Apparently that’s the mood I’m in now!

  2. 16forward
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    After reading Vicki’s review I almost didn’t investigate any further, but Mira Cole changed my mind! I’m going to have to check these out! Thanks to both of you, and especially Elle Keaton. I have another ‘new’ author to look forward to!


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