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  1. Tanja
    Tanja at |

    You poor girl. I hope the cast won’t have to stay on long and you can get back to using your hand properly again.
    I know from experience that having your right hand in a cast and being right handed isn’t easy, especially if you can’t use the thumb. Back in the days we didn’t have computers, so I had to write everything down. Well, I got fairly proficient in writing with my left hand.
    I am definitely accident prone. I have broken my thumb, finger and toes in my younger years. Sprained ankles, Back surgeries, Knee surgeries. You name it I had it.

  2. lisa44837
    lisa44837 at |

    I hope you heal soon. I’m very much accident prone. I’m one of those people who can trip over air. Just this weekend I hit my head on the shed when I was out emptying my cat’s dirty litter. So now I have a nice bump & sore spot on my forehead. And I think I burn myself almost every time I put something in the oven. Last April I had to have stitches because I crushed my hand when my dad & I were moving an old large tv & it slipped & dropped on my hand.

  3. Terri H.
    Terri H. at |

    I’m clumsy and not very flexible. I managed to fracture a bone in top of my foot attempting to do yoga. That one was pretty embarrassing! I am also really good at walking into walls.
    I hope you have speedy healing!

  4. susana
    susana at |

    Get better, C.S. I’m quite prone to accidents, but I’ve never broken anything, which is almost unbelievable, if you take into account that I’m of the clumsy sort… So I guess I’m quite lucky!

  5. heath0043
    heath0043 at |

    I hope you get better soon. I am somewhat accident prone. I have been since I was a kid. The most memorable would be when I was 8 years old. I was riding my bike on the gravel driveway when I slid sideways and fell off. Before I could get up, my younger brother who was riding his tricycle, ran over my left arm and broke it.

  6. Trix
    Trix at |

    Eek, I’m so sorry! Yep, I tripped over a dodgeball in fourth grade and broke my foot…and I definitely have a tendency to trip, fall, bump into stuff, whatever.

  7. 16forward
    16forward at |

    I feel like I’m in such good company here!

    As a child I was playing with my sister and I was supposed to be blind…so I was walking around with my eyes closed with my arms stretched out in front of me. Unfortunately, my sister wasn’t the best ‘mother’ and I fell onto some glass and cut a gash in the palm of my hand which needed stitches! (I never did find out where the glass came from.)

    Since I attended a one-room-country school house all the girls were ‘allowed’ to play football so my knees have scars on them. No. Flag football wasn’t an option.

    My most graceful entrance to a room was as a child when I fell down a flight of enclosed stairs in our house. After slamming into the door at the bottom of the steps I heard my mom tell a neighbor at the kitchen table say ‘Oh that’s just … . She does it all the time.’

    I chipped my front tooth when I was walking on a wooden fence rail outside the hog house and landed on a container of fuel for heating. (I got a partial gold cap with that one.)

    I ‘hopped’ up onto a curb only I didn’t clear it so down I went but popped up quickly. This was, of course, with an audience of friends along a busy street. That was good for a few laughs. (And blushes on my part.)

    I came out of a building while my fiancé was waiting in the car for me. One minute I was there and the next I wasn’t. That disappearing act was due to ice. (The only thing injured was my pride.)

    I broke my leg stepping ‘wrong’ off a curb and tore a ligament. I accomplished this while ‘herding’ dads who were parking illegally at the school I worked at as an assistant principal. (Surgery and physical therapy.)

    I broke my collarbone tripping over bags of clothes I had collected for donations. (Physical therapy again.)

    Oh, the latest and greatest was when I decided it was faster to step over the gas hose instead of walking around the car. (I was carrying a large ceramic pot to put in the trunk while the tank filled.) Needless to say, since I’m only 5’1″ I didn’t clear the hose. (I don’t know why I keep forgetting I have short legs?) That led to scars on my right wrist.

    I think I’ll stop now. It mentally hurts each time I recall them!

    I can’t decide if I’m accident prone or just dumb.

  8. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    Oh, my. I hope you make a quick recovery! I’ve never broken anything but I am a klutz and have scrapped myself up pretty badly before.

  9. Des livres
    Des livres at |

    Ow. Maybe see if you can get dictating working on your computer. it’s certainly becoming quite useful on apple devices. Maybe not so much for book writing, but for things like blog posts and emails?

  10. Purple Reader
    Purple Reader at |

    Sorry to hear about your accident, and bad luck. I don’t think of myself as having bad luck or being accident prone. But I have found that if I’m really stressed, tired, upset, all at the same time, then accidents do happen. So I try to watch out. I liked Joy, but I’m not familiar with all your work. Have you tried the opposite, of writing about maybe someone who works toward good luck, say by using some positive thinking techniques (I think of the modern “mindfulness” self-help practices as an offshoot of that)? I hear that has helped some, and who knows, you might learn from your characters :-).


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