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  1. salann31
    salann31 at |

    I’ll read a lot but my absolute favourites are dark paranormal / fantasy. But…. They can’t have a crappy ending! 😊

  2. Toni
    Toni at |

    Thank you for answering my question! I read many subgenres but my favorites are fantasy, paranormal, and historical.

  3. Purple Reader
    Purple Reader at |

    Good question and interesting answers. I liked seeing reviewers having some broad tastes, but also great that different reviewers liked different subs, so LoveBytes has at least someone, usually more, interested in each subgenre.

    1. Purple Reader
      Purple Reader at |

      Oh I forgot to add my own favorite subgenre. It’s tough, because I like a variety, but I guess I tended to get the most out of historicals.

  4. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    Between all of you, all genres are covered and that’s nice to see. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I practically read everything even the genres I don’t like. But tend to stick with paranormal/fantasy, sci-fi, mystery/suspense/thriller, and contemporary.

  5. Tanja
    Tanja at |

    Thanks for the answers. It seems that all the genres are covered.
    My favorite genres are contemporary, gfy/ofy, May/December, friends to lovers. I like shifter stories too, but not mpreg.

  6. Anne Barwell
    Anne Barwell at |

    I love SF/fantasy and historicals (especially WWI and II), but I like reading contempories as well to mix it up a bit. If a book looks interesting, I’ll read it, whatever the genre.

  7. dee
    dee at |

    Lovely question. Thanks for your answers. Wow, someone who likes to read stories with asexual characters @Chris. Though I’m interested in that topic I have to admit that I haven’t found many books yet. Maybe I’m not looking in the right direction or books are sparse.

  8. nicki442
    nicki442 at |

    I’m all about steamy smexy times within a paranormal or post-apocalyptic setting. I avoid the sweet fade-to-black contemporary stuff, YA/NA, and anything to do with children/pregnancy. I do enjoy the occasional mystery IF something about it grabs my attention, such as CS Poe’s Mystery of Nevermore (surprisingly funny) because I’m a fan of Edgar Allen Poe, or Santino Hassell’s Insight (fabulous, BTW) because I’ve never read about psychics in my PNR.

  9. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    Thanks for the great answers! I prefer contemporary, sci-fi, & paranormal. However, I’ll read any sub-genre although NA/YA and BDSM are my least favorites.

  10. Angela
    Angela at |

    Oh i love to read about military-police-firefighters/sports/cowboys/mystery and i love to read books with a character who has some kind of disability.

  11. susana
    susana at |

    Mine is fantasy, paranormal and historical. If you mix historical with paranormal and add a mystery to the mix, you make me a very happy reader! 😉

  12. Shirley Ann Speakman
    Shirley Ann Speakman at |

    My favourite is Sci Fi and there aren’t many M/M books about so I’ve read some great ones and the not so great too!

  13. Trix
    Trix at |

    I tend to go for contemporaries about sports, music, art, or food, and friends-to-lovers helps…

  14. Ami
    Ami at |

    Mine will be contemporary. Of course I also love a lot of others but contemporary will and always be foremost my main favorite subgenre

  15. Carolyn
    Carolyn at |

    Donnas answer cracked me up! I love the frankness. 🙂 My favorite subgenre is historical. I fall into a habit of just devouring contemporary because they’re “easy,” but my true love lies in the past.

  16. suze294
    suze294 at |

    I love a good murder and a good historical – together is great!!!

  17. waxapplelover
    waxapplelover at |

    I would’ve initially said paranormal (because I got started reading M/M romance with shifters), but recently contemporary has kind of taken over.


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