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  1. Tanja
    Tanja at |

    Thank you for all your extensive answers. It explains a lot the diversity of the books you review.

  2. dee
    dee at |

    Interesting question, interesting answers. I was wondering about self-publishing authors, so thanks @Dan for answering in that direction. Donna’s answer though… XD (Glad, I wasn’t drinking anything, when I read it. I was laughing so hard.)

  3. Purple Reader
    Purple Reader at |

    Good question and thanks for the answers. It’s interesting to learn more of how things work behind the scenes. I had no idea how books were selected. I’m glad to see that reviewers do look for new authors and not the same ones that already are getting attention. There are so many new books coming out now, not like the old days :-), that it must be hard to keep up.

  4. Susana
    Susana at |

    LOL! Thank you for the great answer. I can envision perfectly that deadly fight you talk about. I would fight to death for the privilege to be the first one to read certain books

  5. Angela
    Angela at |

    Thank you to the reviewers for answering the questions, it feels like we get to know the why/who/how/what/when/better 🙂

  6. Trix
    Trix at |

    I did always wonder how people choose what to review…

  7. suze294
    suze294 at |

    I like when those oddball ones come through that I wouldn’t normally get to see

  8. ELF
    ELF at |

    Wow, I thought competition was stiff on the site I review for, lol. I love that you review from a variety of sources, it introduces me to many titles that I wouldn’t otherwise have heard about.

  9. Shirley Ann Speakman
    Shirley Ann Speakman at |

    I enjoyed the post it is so interesting to find out the workings of your blog.

  10. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    It’s an interesting process. I heard that authors weren’t suppose to contact review blogs so it’s nice to hear that you can reach out and authors and publishers can do the same.

  11. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    Thanks for the answers! I’m amazed at all the work Dani does to keep us informed & happy! Thanks so much Dani!

  12. Carolyn
    Carolyn at |

    I think it’s nice if you get to try out authors that look intriguing but you’ve never read anything by them. Having such a huge pool of books would be hard for me.


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