Some news, but not GAM

So, this will be a short blog post, as I’m currently so deeply immersed in writing Of Gods and Monsters: Komainu, that I forget there’s an actual world out there, but I do have  exciting news, unfortunately not the release date of the next GAM (gods and monsters) book yet.


First of all, K.C Wells and I are planning on doing a vlog post soon that will be happening once a month in the near future, discussing certain topics within the M/M community, ( maybe sometimes controversial topics) and answering readers’ questions and topics they would like us to discuss or have our opinion on.


It might be a panel of sort, but I really think this would be fun, and maybe even have us some guest appearances from other authors and bloggers within our community.


Though, we are looking for a name to call our little vlog show, and would love some reader suggestions. 🙂   


The second snippet of news is, I’m contemplating on starting a Patreon, however, this will not be related to any of my writing work, but more aimed towards readers wanting to become authors.


Even I once upon a time had that little piece of a story tucked away far from the reaches of anyone’s eyes but mine, and yet was never sure if it’s ready to be shown to the world. I sure as hell wish I had some mentor or coach to guide me through the process.


The Patreon tiers will range from $1 to $10 (less, if I can manage it so)


It will be focusing on questions relating to the mechanics of writing, helping you put out the story you want to write, looking over drafts, coaching you in your writing process, helping you understand the difference between showing and telling and some beta reading. Story concept, character development, in-depth character analysis, plot structure, and word choices. World building and understanding writer’s block and writer’s burnout. And also cover design and cover concept and help.


As it’s still mostly a WIP idea; as to what else it will entitle, but for the most part: it will be focused on helping readers become authors and putting out their first book.  


What I would like to know from readers: if this would be doable, if you guys would even be interested in a Patreon like this? Is it even worth it to put the time and effort into it? I mean sure you can gather a some of beta readers, read some stuff on the web about writing etc. But how many of you can have an actual author, whose work you like, work with you on your story.  


That’s it for now, hopefully, soon I’ll be tearing hearts out when the next GAM book is ready 🙂


I can sure tell you, readers are in for one hell of a heart-wrenching shock with Komainu.

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