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  1. Jeff carvish
    Jeff carvish at |

    I agree with your take on being believable. I have read most of the authors you mentioned. I got started in M/M romance by reading Josh Lanyon. And Scrap Metal by Harper Fox is one of my favs. But on the flip side I have read some of the vampire M/M romance and was pleasantly surprised by it.

    1. Marek Moran
      Marek Moran at |

      Hey Jeff!

      Yeah, Josh was my gateway drug into M/M romance. I’m still discovering new authors with nice believable characters — since I wrote this list, I found Nicole Kimberling via Dal Maclean. Haven’t tried any vampire ones, so I might give that a go too.

      (Sorry it’s taken a few days to reply — I think I set the notify thing wrong.)


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