Having fun with something I hate to do!

I despise marketing. Nobody who writes has any clue going in how hard it will be to get out there and pimp their book. It’s like running your dirty undies up a flag pole and waiting for everyone to talk about why you might have done such a thing.

But I found something totally fun! I’m debuting my new promo video here to celebrate St. Nacho’s permanently free status. There are a lot of awesome tools for authors to use to make videos and some are more fun than others. This one is amazing. Enjoy it. If you get St. Nacho’s, be sure to leave a review for the folks who like to read those things!

As always, be safe out there…

<3 ZAM


2 Responses

  1. Sadonna
    Sadonna at |

    That’s adorable!!! And I ADORE St. Nachos 🙂 It was an early MM read for me and I was lucky enough to win a St. Nachos shirt at the very first GRL <3

  2. 16forward
    16forward at |

    I love it! The book was so good!


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