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  1. Jenn Everline
    Jenn Everline at |

    Sorry, but I love sequels, and I always want to know what my friends have been up to! I miss Bear, Otter, Paul, Sandy, Gary…I could go on forever! Thank you for creating these beautiful friends.

  2. jenf27
    jenf27 at |

    I love series about the same couple. I’ve found I am more often disappointed in a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th or…) book in a series when the focus has changed and it is about a different couple or set of characters. Because whatever I loved in the previous book(s) is not there or I don’t like the new characters as much.

    I am excited about the series continuation you have planned. But, when will we get the sequel to Burn? I loved that book, but it really left the end hanging.

    1. Xander
      Xander at |
      1. jenf27
        jenf27 at |

        I hadn’t seen that, so thanks for sharing, Xander. Disappointing…I’m going to have to get better about not reading books that end with cliffhangers until the follow-up is out. 🙁

  3. carlamiagardiner
    carlamiagardiner at |

    It’s become my life mission to have everyone I know read How To Be A Normal Person and as much as I floveing adore that story, I am actually ok with there not being a sequel. Though the We Three Queens… that is a question that is dying for an answer ❤

  4. FL
    FL at |

    Gus and Casey are my favourite characters too. I have reread that book at least 4 times and now have the audio to enjoy. While I would love another book for them, I totally understand your position on it. It is a beauty on its own, and there when I need it (need it today). Sequel’s are not always brilliant, but I think you’ve nailed the art so far.

  5. Sebastien
    Sebastien at |

    Until you is available on pre order on kobo.com too (yes it’s done)

  6. JoanPJ
    JoanPJ at |

    As long as you don’t do what Mickie B. Ashling did to Cutting Cords you’ll be fine.

  7. Mslarvik
    Mslarvik at |

    I am happy to read sequels but I am also happy to enjoy stand alone books. I really enjoyed Into this river I drown, How to be a normal person and Murmuration. I think The Lightning-Struck Heart will make a great series and I can’t wait to read it. Of course I really want to find out how Paul’s wedding goes down! <3

  8. Dru
    Dru at |

    I will love read about it!! Please 🙏 let us know what happen with them… How to be a normal person is one of my favorites. I love Gus too. He earned my heart since the very first line of his book. And of course I want to know what’s going on with Gus <3 and his cute AF hipster Casey, and THE big question of the book: The we three queens!!!! Sister/roommates/lesbians/lovers :3

  9. Sandra Graves
    Sandra Graves at |

    I don’t know why I just can’t get into Lightning Struck. I must be one of the odd ones. I’ve tried to read it several times and have clicked to another book every time. But I love you! I love your books. I’m so upset that I just can’t embrace Lightning when I cackle with delight at every other book you’ve published, funny or total angst. *Sigh* I’ll just have to try again. It’s the only way I’ll get my TJ fix for most of the next year!

    1. Diane
      Diane at |

      Aw, Lightning is my one of my favourites, it was SO funny. The characters are just completely lovable. Please try again, it is really worth it, especially the audiobook!

  10. Tessa
    Tessa at |

    I am really excited for these books this year! I am a sequel junkie – love ’em. Also just a side note I ordered an embarassing amount of girl scout cookies this year and put them under the name Gustavo Tiberius because I didnt want to 17 boxes of cookies linked to my name.

  11. We Three Queens ;)
    We Three Queens ;) at |

    I couldn’t agree more with you TJ!! Keep it fresh, I love your new shit!!

  12. Fiona
    Fiona at |

    Tessa I love that Gus has an addiction to cookies! 😂
    I am a sequel girl and love listening to your books on long car trips T.J!

  13. A totally mentally stable fan
    A totally mentally stable fan at |

    I totally understand your point of view on sequels and though I may be completely partial since you’re my favourite author, I think you’re doing it right. As much as I adored How to Be a Normal Person, it is a perfect standalone and I didn’t finish it longing for a continuation of the story. On the other hand, I fell in love with the characters of Wolfsong early in the story and I knew I had to know more about them (I, in fact, NEED the sequels for that one and I’m not above locking you in my basement and having you continue writing their stories until I’m satisfied!). Ehm. So, yeah, my literary 2017 is basically going to be me waiting to be hit by an avalanche of your books, sooo thank you for writing these wonders, boo!

  14. James Snaith
    James Snaith at |

    Don’t think of them as sequels, more as the next parts of the story – and the story is finished, when it’s finished.

    More adventures of Sam, Tiggy and Gary? Can’t wait! More Paul and Vince? So can’t wait! And something new to explore? Ooooo, certainly can’t wait.

  15. LectoraEstherica
    LectoraEstherica at |

    I CAN’T wait until Ravensong! Wolfsong was everything in a book for me! Normal person was very satisfactory, so i don’t need any sequel, but, how is it going with the movie?? 😀

  16. Jenelle
    Jenelle at |

    Whoa whoa whoa! Are you saying there isn’t a sequel to How to be a Normal Person? Because I delisted/reread that book every few months and can barely contain myself, trying to imagine the next book. Omg we really don’t get to know the three queens relationship status??

    But really, I love your writing and am a huge fan. I’m happy as long as you just keep writing.

  17. Diane
    Diane at |

    I will pre-order the F out of ANY of the books above. Gustavo specifically please, please, please….. I am in need of a good day xxx

  18. Harry Baer IV
    Harry Baer IV at |

    Please don’t tease about another Guys book. Seriously. NO TEASE. It’s absurd how much I want it. 🙂

  19. C
    C at |

    I loved this until the last sentence. SERIOUSLY you did that to us AGAIN? After all that talk about not rehashing the first book?!! There better be a HTBANP sequel…

  20. dee
    dee at |

    Depending on the way the world is constructed I’m rather fond of more than one book with the same couple. I really think it depends on what the author wants to convey. So yeah, you are the author of your books (makes sense, doesn’t it?) and your books should be the way you feel is right. You cannot please everyone.

    I have to admit I only read one of your books so far, but it’s already one of my favourites and will probably not be the last book I read by you 🙂

  21. Des livres
    Des livres at |

    I love subsequent books about the same couple. I really enjoy stories about “how people STAY in a relationship, and progress in their lives”. But if I were you I wouldn’t go back to writing the next book about any of your people until a really good story about them comes up in your head.

  22. Nicola
    Nicola at |

    Seqel or stand alone, I love your books. 2017 will be a good year!


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