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  1. Tanja
    Tanja at |

    I haven’t read any books of the Yellowstone Wolves yet, so I would like to begin with the first one: Challenge the Darkness.

  2. Didi
    Didi at |

    Congrats on your new book release, I haven’t read the series yet; so many catching up to do with so many book releases (not an excuse though).

  3. debby236
    debby236 at |

    I have not read any yet but sure do want to!!!

  4. debby236
    debby236 at |

    I would love to read all of these but have not as yet.

  5. kp59
    kp59 at |

    This is a new to me series…can’t wait to read these books!

  6. 16forward
    16forward at |

    I haven’t read any of Dirk’s books but would start with ‘Challenge the Darkness’ (Yellowstone Wolves #1) since I always like to start a series with the first book.

    His ‘Day and Knight’ series were already on my TBR list!

  7. Curly
    Curly at |

    I’ve read the first book, Challenge the Darkness so I’m eager to read the second.

  8. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    I haven’t read any of the books in the series. I am interested and loved shifter stories.

  9. susana
    susana at |

    I haven’t read any of these books yet, but I would love to read them all!

  10. Serena S.
    Serena S. at |

    I haven’t read the series yet but I have them in my TBR list.

  11. lisa44837
    lisa44837 at |

    I have not yet read them however they are on my TBR/wishlist.


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