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  1. Nicole S
    Nicole S at |

    Ah, a kindred spirit! I also ALWAYS have the TV on, and usually tuned to a history channel (or horror (Chiller)/SyFy). You’re absolutely correct about the past household dangers, and guess what? In another decade or two, we’ll find out that VCRs caused Autism, or something similar, (sarcasm font is ON) and that the amenities of the 80s-90s were actually hindrances to progress. My snarky point is, hindsight is always 20/20, in all things, in every way. And sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss.
    Have you seen The History of Everyday Things? Another informative show about the stories behind the individual pieces of the modern home, from the 2x4s in our walls to the aluminum siding outside. 😃


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