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  1. nicki442
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    You said Alexander Collins narrated the book, but it names Jeff Gelder at the top of the post? So, which one is the narrator? I personally don’t like audiobooks for several reasons, one being that they’re like book vs. movie for me. The book, READING it yourself, using your own “voices” and images, is ALWAYS better. Most audiobook clips I’ve heard are either slow and monotonous bedtime stories or ridiculously over-the-top with weird accents.

    Nothing ambiguous about your review! Don’t apologize for giving us your views; that’s what we’re here for. Not every book is 4-5 stars, and reviewers who always rate as such are suspicious to me. Everybody has different opinions, and expressing them honestly, politely, and without giving spoilers is no easy task. Congratulations on a great review!

    1. darlingchristie
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      Thank you for pointing that out, Nicki442! There seems to have been a bit of a glitch when the title line was loaded, and it will be fixed shortly. Technology sometimes is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? *sigh*

      And, thank you so very much for your lovely encouragement. I appreciate it greatly, dear. ♡


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