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  1. Jack Frost
    Jack Frost at |

    I would love to co-author something. Or at least give it a try. xD Sadly I this weird thing where I can’t write anything good on a deadline. Well…that’s not entirely true. Two hours before a deadline I can crank out a good ten pages in a research paper. But if it’s something I’m not paying for, probably couldn’t work my way up to that. So I would probably crash and burn. But that’s the pessimistic view. The realistic view, if I was into it and could readily bounce ideas and suggestions off someone else as we built the story it could potentially go very well. And these points are excellent for if that were to every happen.

    Of course, at this point, my story telling and writing capabilities are quite limited. So I’m no where near planning to find someone to co-author with.

    I have, actually, done the shared story writing thing before Kind of. The NeoPets forums occasionally had groups that would start a story topic. Then people could randomly jump in with the next paragraph or full section. It had a limited character count per post so that’s all we could do. As sort of an improve it was very fun and we created the most ridiculous stories. The different styles thing really showed, but because it wasn’t a full project and no one knew where they were going it was just fun and we could all laugh when we were done.

    I shall always strive to be a well lubed asshole. I just hope the other person will be a teasing probe. Really get to know the breadth and depth of each other as we enter into the relationship.

    But first, back to writing. Got to earn that co-authorship by being an author first. xD

    I also have to make up for the 40,000 words I’ve missed so far in NaNoWriMo. I’ve already written my first one three hours ago. I’m so on a roll.

    Happy to hear you’re really enjoying yourself. And this fun look into your lessons learned. I look forward to the release….of the book. Just in case that wasn’t clear.

    1. AF Henley
      AF Henley at |

      It is always great to read your comments. I just laughed my ass off with the “40,000 words” you missed so far in NaNo. 😀

      Brilliant. And I look forward to you looking forward to the release… of the book. XD

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! <3

  2. Lavender Wynter
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    Never worked with anyone in writing, mostly because force co-op work projects from college has left a mark pretty deep in the “unfavorable” part of my being. While not opposed to the idea, it’ll take a lot of coaxing to get me out and willing.

    A. Lot. Of coaxing. Might not be worth the trouble. 😛

    Thank you for sharing. I do apologize for such a short reply. <3

    1. AF Henley
      AF Henley at |

      I hear you on that! There was nothing more painful to hear than, “you’ll be working in groups on this one.” *shudder*

      You’re very welcome! Thank you for reading and commenting! <3

  3. drawboy
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    *fans self*




    Sure! Of course! What else would have ever come to my mind than you talking about co-authoring a story? 😉

    Although not being an author myself, I imagine the process of developing and writing a story together can be an immensely exhilarating, deeply satisfying experience.

    Yes, like writing alone, working together is a demanding process because each side does not only have to mind the story but also the co-author. But if as you said, both are on the same wavelength, it could be a great and amazing process! Pitching ideas to each other while developing the main and supporting characters, the world they are living in, and the story itself. Creative minds getting side-tracked and ending up either having a hilarious time with wiping off tears from laughing about silly ideas suddenly emerging or exchanging soul-deep, meaningful thoughts where in the end both authors are like: Wow! Where did this suddenly come from?

    Of course it still remains hard work but in my imagination it can be enriching and rewarding and I so hope it was that way for you guys. 😃

    Your post was great to read and very insightful! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts! 😃


    1. AF Henley
      AF Henley at |

      I would have to say it’s very similar to what you and I do when we’re “collabing” on a cover/novel. And I know you know how much fun we have with that. 😀

      Thank YOU very much for reading and commenting! <3


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