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  1. lisa44837
    lisa44837 at |

    Have fun at GRL! I wish I could attend. Maybe next year. Thanks for the chance at a very generous giveaway!

  2. susana
    susana at |

    I hope you have a wonderful road trip to the GRL, and an entertaining time there! Thank you for the giveaway

  3. James Escol
    James Escol at |

    OMG! That model of live for love is smokin’ hot. *dreamy eyes* Wish I could attend GRL someday. I currently reside in the Philippines so yeah, no luck. Have fun with the GRL, tho. =)

  4. Vicki Potter
    Vicki Potter at |

    Have fun at GRL Tams! Thanks for another awesome giveaway 🙂 smokin hott cover model for live for love 😉

  5. debby236
    debby236 at |

    Enjoy GRL. Some day I shall go to one.

  6. Trix
    Trix at |

    Have a wonderful time at GRL!

  7. 16forward
    16forward at |

    This is a series that keeps on giving…and giving…and giving! Much like my favorite authors! Have a wonderful time at GRL!

  8. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    I hope you have a great time at GRL!

  9. juliesmall1959
    juliesmall1959 at |

    I hope you have an amazing time at GRL! Love the All Cocks series 🙂

  10. Ami
    Ami at |

    Hope you have a wonderful time at GRL 🙂

  11. Purple Reader
    Purple Reader at |

    I love those cover pics, so hot and smoldering with sexy tension. And have fun at GRL.


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