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  1. Truus
    Truus at |

    Don’t laugh I thought Alexis was a ‘she’. Great interview and a great author. I finished Pansies and I was head over heels

  2. Veronica
    Veronica at |

    Great interview, thank you! ^_^

  3. livrancourt
    livrancourt at |

    I’m glad I read this interview before reading the book, because I think knowing your take on the concept of forgiveness will give it another layer for me. For something like 10 years the husband and I taught one of the marriage prep sessions at our church. Every two months or so, we’d sit down with half a dozen engaged couples and talk about the importance of forgiveness in a relationship, all framed in terms of church teachings. There’s a Madeline L’Engle quote we used, where she says something about (paraphrasing) I know God has allowed me to forgive when I poke at the sore places and they don’t hurt anymore, which sounds a lot like your “I reach a point where I actually no longer care”. As I disentangle myself from the church in general, it’s almost a relief to think that forgiveness doesn’t have to be a significant thing, that maybe I can just…move on.
    Food for thought…

  4. debby236
    debby236 at |

    i Loved the interview. It will make the reading better.

  5. bastdazbog
    bastdazbog at |

    Thanks for a lovely interview. I read Pansies, and it broke my heart then put it back together better than ever. The depth of emotion that Pansies stirred in me, well, all I can say is Alexis Hall tells a wonderful, wonderful story. <3
    bastdazbog (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. darlasharp
    darlasharp at |

    Lovely interview! I loved PANSIES!

  7. Pam/Peejakers
    Pam/Peejakers at |

    Wow, really awesome interview! Almost as awesome as Pansies 🙂

  8. lisa44837
    lisa44837 at |

    Thanks for a great interview! I look forward to reading the book

  9. susana
    susana at |

    Thank you for the interview, Alexis. I do love your books.

  10. Ellie
    Ellie at |

    Thank you for the great interview! <3

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  12. Sheila
    Sheila at |

    Don’t laugh 2… I also thought Alexis was a ‘she’. I also loved Alexis’ books that I already read, and loved most For Real and Pansies. Sorry for my bad english, I am from Brazil so portuguese is my language. Also my prefered word is Saudade, a word that I neer found a equivalent in other languages and was good to read about it in Pansies. I wish someday this beautiful books could be translated to portuguese, so I can tell my friends to read it.

  13. Purple Reader
    Purple Reader at |

    Congrats on your new book and thanks for all those in-depth answers. I look forward to reading it. Like you in writing, I like to read across many different kinds of genre (but as long as it has a gay theme 🙂
    Purple Reader – TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

  14. Kate Ramos
    Kate Ramos at |

    I can’t be in a rainstorm without rereading waiting for the flood. Or at least talking about it. . . or thinking about it. Your ability to create a scene in my mind just blows my mind. I love your work. I wish I could handle reading bondage or s&m but it just makes me too uncomfortable. I am sad to miss For Real and Glitterland. I miss Kate Kane and Prosperity. You are a fabulous writer and I am so glad you are getting more mainstream attention.


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