Sweet bitterness by Matt Ortiz

Hello from Florida,

I write this hours before hurricane Matthew, ironic huh, hits my home state. I have been officially sent home, as our emergency response team at the hospital will be covering all needs over the next three days. So I am taking this time to try to finish The Custom Bike Maker: Cotton’s story. I admit that writing a book about new love was and is very difficult for me. My own happily ever was taken from me eight months ago in a brutal battle with an illness that won in the end. Up until then, writing happily ever afters was easy. I had one! I lived the dream… and then it was gone. Eight months later, my fingers touched the keys of my computer and a story evolved. It was the follow up to Boone’s story and his book almost didn’t get done. I only was able to finish Boone’s story because it was ninety percent complete. I only had one chapter to write and that took me six months.

The words flowed and Cotton’s story started out, at best, bleak and dreary. I have rewritten it several times and am now finally at the last two chapters and am happy to say it is going well. In fact, I think I might have some new characters evolving from the book. In my rewrites, I found my humor again and through it, my love of falling in love. I had the joy of being someone’s special and I enjoy giving my MCs the same feeling.

It hasn’t been easy, but I find the words coming from me with greater ease as days go on. Once I finish Cotton, I plan on going back to my Oswald Witches and complete that series. They need an end to all their beginnings they have. So many loose ends have to be tidied up. So much to do!

I don’t know if I will every find my happily ever after like I once had, but having had it, the bitterness of loss is tinged with the sweetness of love.


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  1. Natalie
    Natalie at |

    Please stay safe during this monster storm.

  2. 16forward
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    I hope writing will ease your pain and bring you hope. May you find your own HEA.


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