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  1. Jen CW
    Jen CW at |

    One of my favorite bands is Metallica, Led Zeppelin is another. Thanks for the post and the short story. I can’t wait for the next part. Thank you also for the giveaway chance!

  2. A Kind of in Between, Part 1 (A Kind of Stories short) | Lane Hayes

    […] book called A Kind of in Between. It is told from Carter’s POV. The story is also posted on Love Bytes where I’m doing a giveaway. All you have to do tell me your favorite singer/band or a song […]

  3. Gabbi Grey
    Gabbi Grey at |

    These days, it’s Sia’s Unstoppable. Just love that song.

  4. Amber Ag
    Amber Ag at |

    I know it’s a silly song, but I love Downtown by MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS. Magic Man by Heart is one of my favorites too 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Elizabeth Marshall
    Elizabeth Marshall at |

    3 bands I love are Queen, Of Monsters and Men, and Imagine Dragons .. But the song I can’t get out of my head at the moment is Rise by Katy Perry 🙂

    And congratulations on your release! Can’t wait to read it!

  6. Jess A Jaye
    Jess A Jaye at |

    Anything and everything by Pentatonix. They just did a cover performance of Jolene with Dolly Parton. Favourite group + old skool cheese = what’d not to love!!

  7. jenf27
    jenf27 at |

    Thanks for the post! My favorite band is Keane.

  8. Ami
    Ami at |

    I have a lot of singers/band that become favorites, but always depends on my mood. Right now though, the song that I cannot get out of my head is “Dream On” by the Voices coaches (Miley, Alicia, Adam, and Blake). Adam’s falsetto voice is amazing on that high note!

  9. lnourse
    lnourse at |

    anything by Lindsey Sterling

  10. lnourse
    lnourse at |

    anything by Tina Turner

  11. susana
    susana at |

    One song I do love but always makes me sad is Too Much Love Will Kill You. I keep singing it every time I feel down.

  12. lisa44837
    lisa44837 at |

    I don’t listen to a lot of music, but one of my current favorites is Ed Sheeran

  13. Lee Todd
    Lee Todd at |

    Adam Lambert…hands down!
    song that I can’t get out of my head is Sound of Silence by Disturbed

  14. jodi marinich
    jodi marinich at |

    i always loved the new dance songs that come out so one isnt stuck in my head right now
    jmarinich33 at aol dot com

  15. Nana (@blancheskye)
    Nana (@blancheskye) at |

    I’m excited to read more of this short story!
    Right now, I can’t get the song Won’t Go Home Without You by Maroon 5 out of my head!
    And Everybody’s Changing by Keane.

    thank you ms.Hayes, looking forward to A Kind Of Honesty!

  16. waxapplelover
    waxapplelover at |

    I have so many favorite songs/bands, but the song that always manages to stick with me is Back for Good by Take That. Congrats on the release!

  17. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    The song stuck in my head at the moment is I’m Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha. It’s so catchy and other stuff XD

  18. sherry1969
    sherry1969 at |

    There’s not any song stuck in my head right now. I love country music and love Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton.

  19. Bea LaRocca
    Bea LaRocca at |

    My favorite band is Guns ‘N’ Roses and the song that’s stuck in my head right now is November rain. Maybe because although it is only the last day of September it is gray and rainy and cool here today! Thank you for sharing the excerpt and for offering the Giveaway. Have a great weekend!

  20. Serena S.
    Serena S. at |

    One of the songs I can’t get out of my head at the moment is The Chainsmokers – Closer (Lyric) ft. Halsey.

    1. lanehayes
      lanehayes at |

      OMG!! Me too!! I love this damn song! It’s in my head 24/7 lately!

  21. lanehayes
    lanehayes at |

    Giveaway is closed! Congratulations to Serena S. I’ll contact Love Bytes for your email address to forward your prize!


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