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  1. susana
    susana at |

    What a beautiful, beautiful cover! I must recognise I am really intrigued by this book. Thank you for sharing the cover, and the giveaway!

  2. maryd
    maryd at |

    Sounds fascinating, I often watch starling chattering on rooftops and trees and then all of a sudden they’re in flight weaving around all as one. Lovely cover the starlings becoming part of the whole picture.

  3. Jane Wilkinson
    Jane Wilkinson at |

    Wow, what an amazing cover, I absolutely adore it. Can’t wait to read it.

  4. Didi
    Didi at |

    What a gorgeous cover – love it! At the same time it makes me shudder …that gives off the look like a swarm of insects rather than birds. 😉

  5. Kimberly Lammens
    Kimberly Lammens at |

    Cover love chorus! Also, that title word is stunning. Not sure about the blurb, though, and I I don’t usually like stories based in the 1950s-70s. Looking forward to more reader comments. Congrats to Klune on the release!

  6. Jen CW
    Jen CW at |

    The cover is fantastic and eye catching. Thank you for sharing it! I am totally intrigued by that blurb.

  7. Serena S.
    Serena S. at |

    The cover is breathtaking! I can’t for the release date.

  8. Tammy
    Tammy at |

    The cover is fantastic. I can’t wait to read the book.

  9. lisa44837
    lisa44837 at |

    I’m intrigued based on the post, I love a good mystery! I do find the cover a little creepy – large flocks of birds always make me think of the movie “The Birds”. Crazy, I know.

  10. James Robert
    James Robert at |

    Congrats on an amazing cover and best of luck on your new release

  11. Audrey Stewart
    Audrey Stewart at |

    I really loved the cover! This is going to be a great read.

  12. Dan
    Dan at |

    Ah so excited for this! TJ is one of my favourite authors!

  13. Linda Spice
    Linda Spice at |

    I am seriously looking forward to this 😀

  14. Kiki Dee
    Kiki Dee at |

    Yay! Can’t wait<3

  15. Lorraine Kay
    Lorraine Kay at |

    Aaaaaand TJ Klune does it again. The Man has me more anxious than a demented toddler hyped up on sugar at bed time on Christmas eve waiting for this book. I really can’t wait to read it.

  16. Helena Stone
    Helena Stone at |

    That cover is stunning and the blurb intriguing. To say I’m curious now would be a gross understatement 🙂

  17. Deasy Nursyafira
    Deasy Nursyafira at |

    Wow you had me at “The most romantic thing I’ve ever written” and I definitely stayed for “Genre: Historical Romance”. Friggin excited now. I’ve loved absolutely everything TJ has put out to the world and this time I’m sure it’ll be no exception, can’t wait to devour this <3

  18. OzPinny (@OzPinny)
    OzPinny (@OzPinny) at |

    The cover is stunning! I can’t wait to get Wookie cry face with this latest release!

  19. Mia
    Mia at |

    I heart TJ’s books so much & his stories are airways of a callibre that deserves attention. I can’t wait for this novel, slow love is the sweetest kind

  20. Elizabeth Marshall
    Elizabeth Marshall at |

    Most romantic?!! Omg the feels are going to be intense! I thought Lightning-Struck Heart was pretty darned romantic. ;D
    I can’t wait for this! What a surprise! I already love the sound of it and the cover is gorgeous! I can’t wait! And final book of the year is a shame but I’m looking forward to what else will be coming out – especially BOATK & LSH2 😀
    Congrats on this release! I know I’ll love it! 😀

  21. Popecat
    Popecat at |

    This cover is Amazing! Even without the blurb and the mystery I would be purchasing this book however, it does build the suspense. I can’t wait for this one to land in my lap!! ♡♡♡♡

  22. Valerie
    Valerie at |

    Beautiful cover, can’t wait to read this book.

  23. Veronica
    Veronica at |

    The cover is amazing! Ican’t wait to read!

  24. ireadwritesail
    ireadwritesail at |

    Oh my! This sounds absolutely soul-crushing. I can not wait to devour this with boxes of tissues at hand!

  25. Jeni
    Jeni at |

    Hmm sounds interesting. I’m in.

  26. James K
    James K at |

    Can’t wait to read it!

  27. Anna
    Anna at |

    Oh, I love the cover! I have a feeling I’ll need to buy Costco bulk tissues!

  28. Helén
    Helén at |

    I can’t wait to read this book.

  29. Shannon Barney
    Shannon Barney at |

    Pre-order done. Everything by TJ is an instant but

  30. waxapplelover
    waxapplelover at |

    Loving the cover and blurb. And the fact that TJ kept many of the details under covers is very intriguing.

  31. Johanna Jochum
    Johanna Jochum at |

    Beautiful cover. The story sounds so completely different,. I’m excited. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  32. Ron
    Ron at |

    OMG, after reading the blurb, I cannot wait to read this one – thanks TJ!!

  33. Kayla Cooley
    Kayla Cooley at |

    Can’t wait to read it##

  34. Cathy Lechien
    Cathy Lechien at |

    Absolutely beautiful cover. I am looking forward to your final book of the year.

  35. Lee Todd
    Lee Todd at |

    sounds intriguing!
    love the cover 🙂

  36. emmerl
    emmerl at |

    Preorder complete…

  37. Valeria
    Valeria at |

    Can’t wait to read this as well!

  38. Aynde
    Aynde at |

    Can’t wait!

  39. Give A Rose
    Give A Rose at |

    Oh, this is going to be pure torture! Hurry Up, October! This would make a perfect Birthday gift!

  40. Nanee
    Nanee at |

    This book sounds amazing! !!

  41. bethgussie
    bethgussie at |

    Ohhhh! I can’t wait!

  42. Lily
    Lily at |

    Love the cover, can’t wait to read it!

  43. secretobcession1
    secretobcession1 at |

    Awesome news!!!

  44. Deanna Bayer
    Deanna Bayer at |

    If you were not already an automatic buy for me, this cover would make me stop and check out the book.

  45. Christina White
    Christina White at |

    I am so happy to see a new book from a favorite author, it looks amazing.

  46. Rebecca J Cartee
    Rebecca J Cartee at |

    I learned a long time ago to look past genre titles when it comes to TJ…. I can’t wait to read this. Even if it means Wookie Cry Face. When don’t they? The cover is stunning and I bet the words will be magical!

  47. Rebecca J Cartee
    Rebecca J Cartee at |

    The pre order links don’t work but I was desperate! I just went to Dreamspinner and pre ordered from there.

  48. younela
    younela at |

    I don’t usually read recent historical ( say, the last 100 years) but I’m all over this one! It sounds amazing, with the paranormal element and everything. Wookie Cry Face doesn’t even seem so bad 😳😆

  49. Krista
    Krista at |

    That cover is completely amazing and I cannot WAIT to read this book. I’ll make sure there’s a box of Kleenex on hand. Possibly two.

  50. kp
    kp at |

    Love the cover!

  51. diannehartsock
    diannehartsock at |

    TJ, I’ve loved all your books, but this one sounds absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to start reading it. And yes, that is one fantastic cover. 🙂

  52. Rhonda Pugh
    Rhonda Pugh at |

    Love the cover. Slow and steady….. looking forward to reading this book.

  53. Alexa
    Alexa at |

    I’m so excited for this book!! I can’t wait!

  54. Aralyn @ Paper Addictions & Magic
    Aralyn @ Paper Addictions & Magic at |

    That blurb and cover are BEAUTIFUL. I seriously cannot wait to read this. After the secrecy and him saying he’s going to break our hearts?? Sign me up!!

  55. Öz Lem
    Öz Lem at |

    The Story sounds awesome and that cover is so damn beautiful!

  56. Trix
    Trix at |

    “Murmuration” is such a cute term! I did think “insects” when I saw the cover, though the colors and fonts are great…

  57. Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson at |

    Beautiful cover! Can’t wait to read this one.

  58. Liberty
    Liberty at |

    This cover is amazing! I can’t wait to pre-order this one in paperback.

  59. Jessica
    Jessica at |

    Beautiful cover and I am so excited to know more!

  60. jenf27
    jenf27 at |

    Most romantic story yet? I can’t wait to read it!! The cover is amazing and love the blurb.

  61. Pomma (@Pommawolf)
    Pomma (@Pommawolf) at |

    I am an emotional reader. If I get that emotional connection to the characters in a story they become a little bit a part of my heart. It is hard to explain that to people, but it is what it is….*S*
    Wishing you the very best TJ Klune because your stories have a way of sticking with a reader for a very wonderfully long time.

  62. Giulia Iodice
    Giulia Iodice at |

    Love the cover, love the premises. Now, I dont know if there is a book that could ever exceed Wolfsong, for me, but as any other story narrated by my favourite author, Mr. Klune, I am certainly -and frankly, quite desperately- looking forward to this new title! Lots of love and admiration from Italy.

  63. Fred Learn
    Fred Learn at |

    Really fantastic cover design, and the book sounds intriguing—I’ll definitely give it a shot.

  64. Grazia
    Grazia at |

    I’m so looking forward to having my Wookiee Cry Face ! And yes, I capitalized it!

  65. edga
    edga at |

    CANNOT WAIT…as per 😉

  66. Heather Reed
    Heather Reed at |

    I have all of TJ’s Audio books and can’t WAIT for more!

  67. Jambrea Gaff
    Jambrea Gaff at |

    I can’t wait to read this one! Just not in audio, TJ! lol 🙂

  68. Lyndsay Coats
    Lyndsay Coats at |

    I can’t wait to read this. I love going into stories without knowing too much. Thanks for keeping the spoilers to a minimum, Tj!

  69. elsie
    elsie at |

    It’s marked on my calendar and I’m counting down the days!

  70. Mariana Brando Munhoz
    Mariana Brando Munhoz at |

    The cover is beautiful, the blurb is beautiful and I just cant wait to read it!

  71. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    This book sounds great! Can’t wait to read it And the cover is amazing.

  72. murhder12
    murhder12 at |

    Everything and anything you write, is on my list. This is another great TJ Klune production.

  73. Laurel
    Laurel at |

    Any book by TJ Klune is amazing. I can wait to read it.

  74. Jess A Jaye
    Jess A Jaye at |

    Cover is stunning! Sounds really great. Added to TBR!

  75. Monica Mary
    Monica Mary at |

    I guess this is another book I can’t read during therapy. the wookie cry face frightens them

  76. Danny Alex Yáñez
    Danny Alex Yáñez at |

    I am so excited about this book to come out! TJ has been an inspiration for me for couple years now and I just love his novels.

  77. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    Every time TJ says Wookie Cry Face you know you’re in for a hell of a beautiful ride, I can´t wait!

  78. Cornelia
    Cornelia at |

    I can’t wait to read. All TJ books are awesome!

  79. Milica
    Milica at |

    Beautiful cover! Looking forward to reading your newest book!

  80. Juli-Anna Dobson
    Juli-Anna Dobson at |

    If the book is even 1/10 as beautiful as that cover then it’s going to be another winner. So excited to read this newest work from you and I’m glad you’ve had such a productive and life changing year this year.

  81. Madeleine Kenney
    Madeleine Kenney at |

    Guys, this is going to be so epic. I can just feel it! Love you, TJ Klune!!!

  82. jodi marinich
    jodi marinich at |

    great cover

  83. Jillian Too
    Jillian Too at |

    I’m definitely intrigued. I love the cover and title.

  84. Kendra Patterson
    Kendra Patterson at |

    I like the mysterious way you’re presenting this book. I’m really excited to read it. 😀

  85. Melissa Greco
    Melissa Greco at |

    I really like the cover! This is looks like it’s going to be a great read.

  86. Janet M Hood
    Janet M Hood at |

    I’m super stoked to see a new release from TJ Klune!

  87. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    The cover is amazing. I’ve added it to my wishlist. So looking forward to the release in October.

  88. Nina
    Nina at |

    I can’t wait!

  89. Shirley Ann Speakman
    Shirley Ann Speakman at |

    Congratulations on your upcoming release T J the book sounds fab and Reese Dante has out done herself with such a stunning cover for your book.

  90. juliesmall1959
    juliesmall1959 at |

    Congratulations on the release. Awesome cover!

  91. Linda Schwartz
    Linda Schwartz at |

    I didn’t know that the mass flocks of birds are called a murmuration. This sounds like a great story.

  92. Caitlin
    Caitlin at |

    Intriguing blurb. Looks good!

  93. mztikicat
    mztikicat at |

    Fascinating cover, intriguing premise, and I truly love stories set in decades gone by. Can’t wait to read this book.

  94. HollyG
    HollyG at |

    Can’t wait to read another amazing story from T.J Klune 🙂


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