The days of our shitty lives! Welcome to the freak-show at the side of the road.

Disclaimer: there might be spoilers ( and triggers) but if you are brave enough to read them you might just be left with a case of What the Hell is going on!?!?!?! You have been warned.


The room is stuffy, dark and there is an eerie presence slithering in the air from the large figures occupying the shadows of the room.


The largest of the shadows speaks first. His voice dry and rough—like a dirt road that had too many bodies dragged along it, leaving trails of death and blood. “Did you fuckers think Wulfie was gonna run this shit? It’s hard to do shit when you are tied up and gagged on the floor, locked there in that tiny ass motherfuckin’ closet.” Hades tosses the paper at Colt, “You read the fuckin’ questions, cow ass.”


From Saxon Hawke: To any of the characters – are you still alive??


Hades peers up, the shades on his face a cruel storm of death and steel. “That depends on your definition of alive.” Hades’ glower cuts straight to a handsome young man with a bright flaming red mohawk, the sides of his skull shaven clean of the crimson fluff that once grew there. “You can still be breathing but be completely dead as shit inside once a pretty little thing rips out your heart… Ain’t that so, boy?”


The young man doesn’t look up, his eyes are focused on his clenched hands in his lap, the knuckles so white it makes his own milky skin appear ashen.


From Meredith King: WHO ARE YOU KILLING?


The room descent into a silence where not even a breath can be heard. There is a crack of leather and a rustle of fingers running through hair, the bright flaming red stands glisten in the little light. A faint, slightly raspy voice pokes at the stillness. “ I’ve killed, I’ve killed when I needed too,” Rex says and looks away, “to protect my family, my brothers, and the man I love.”


A loud grunt of air rushes from the larges shadow followed by a deep laugh, his fame shakes as muscles bulge and leather sighs struggling against his size.


Rex snaps his gaze to the man across from him, “I’ve killed even when you didn’t know your life was in danger. Even when you didn’t know I was right ther—I’ve done what I needed to protect you.” Rex looks away. “There is not a person in this room that would not kill to protect who they love and cherish… The difference is, some of us kill for the fun of it… Isn’t that so, Daddy H?”


Colt clears his throat before the big bad king can answer.


From Candra Blaire: This is for Rex: What is your favorite ballet? Do you have a favorite dancer?


“I find all Ballets fascination,” Rex rubs his mohawk again, then straightens out his cut. “Each one has their unique story to be told in a beautiful way, from the choreography to the dancers that bring their own style, to the music, but if I had to pick one favourite it would have to be RAkU; The torching in 1950 of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto by a mentally unstable monk. It’s both wrong and yet still works. My favorite dancer has to be Steven Mcrae with his role as the Mad Hatter in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”


This is for Hades: How do you feel when you watch your boy dance?


“Jesus, don’t ask me shit like this in front of all these fuckers…” Hades balls his massive, scarred firsts, “but from the few glimpses, I haven’t had the full privilege to see him dance.” A dark  sadness lingers in Hades’ eye.  He’s staring hard at Rex who refuses to meet the carnivore’s gaze. Hades pushes off the chair, grunts and turns towards the door, gripping the knob. “It’s because of me that he never reached his dream, that he’ll never have the privilege to dance again, some fuckin’ Daddy I was,” and leaves the room, slamming the door hard enough  behind him to make the shadows quiver.


“I still dance,” Rex whispers after the shadows settles, “I run my own dance studio for underprivileged and troubled kids in California. Not so much ballet, but it’s still an outlet for troubled teens that needs a focus in their life, instead of succumbing to the ways of their circumstance.”


This is for Beo: What is your favorite means of submission?


Leaning back in his chair, ignoring oversized egos and exhibiting a grin that can make Hell sweat, Beo looks at Colt.


“It’s hard to say these days, as we have both grown onto and yet out of those roles. In most BDSM relationship at the beginning it’s a form of submission and dominance, but once you have been with someone for a long period of time the relationship changes as all does, it matures I guess. Mostly nowadays it involves cuddling and looking for the socks that magically disappeared from the washing machine. To us now, there are no roles anymore, it’s just me and Colt living our lives, the boy and Master part just become a natural part of it, like breathing.


“Submission nowadays mostly happens inside the bedroom, we hardly do scenes at The Bark anymore, Colt’s far too invested as a House Lord and co-owner, and me as an Alpha sub taking new subs under my wing and helping them find their place at The Bark. Outside of the bedroom it’s more of  a banter between us, were as normal couples might call their significant other sweetheart or babe, I prefer to call him Master and I guess he prefers to call me bo—”


“Little fucking shit,” Colt interjects,” that’s giving my balls gray hairs, I swear, I just pulled four of the fuckers out a couple of hours ago in the shower. Only to dry off and find ten more has taken their place!”


“But to answer the question,” Beo rolls his eyes, then narrows them at Colt. “ It’s when he has me pinned down with a hand around my throat while he’s pumping inside me, staring into my eyes like I am his very heartbeat. And I know, I own every inch of this big alpha male’s heart and soul.”


For Colt: Has Beo introduced you to any new shows that you love:


“Yeah, it’s called ‘Watch me wiggle my ass while my Masters is tied to the headboard, helpless to do anything and leaves him for an hour to suffering with blue balls.’ We have been watching a lot of The Walking Dead, and the entire seven seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. And…” Colt holds his hand before his mouth, muttering in a cough, “Teen Wolf. All those hot monster boys are the only action I seem to get nowadays.”


“Oh, I’ll show you the hot monster in my pants, old man,” Beo growls and bites his lip while groping his crotch.


From Sanet Nel: Does Doc have a special fetish or kink?


“I’m a VIP to fetish club, I have all sort of deprived kinks, is there one in particular I like? Yeah, apparently a rape fetish.” Doc’s gaze slashes over to Wendigo and one can practically see the embers as one glower tries to out burn the other. “Especially when you’re held at gunpoint by a drunk biker that’s half crazy in the head.”


“Yeah,” Wendigo chirps in, “as I recall, the grunting and moaning and pushing back on my cock when I’d milked inside you, you were enjoying me far too much, old fucker.”


“That’s not the point, Wendigo!” Doc stands, his face red while a thick vein bulges in his neck. “What you did was wron—”


“I don’t think this is the time or place for you two to be airing your shit stained underwear at everyone,” Colt shifts in his chair, green eyes focusing on Doc, “get a room, fuck each others’ brains out and get on with your lives, whether the fucking happens with guns or dick, I can’t give a shit. Next question!”


From Scooter Fox: What the hell happened to Finn?


Colt licks his lips, swallows, and glances over to Beo.


“It’s okay, Master, you can talk about him.”


“Finn is back in New Orleans, he has history there with two men, it goes back to his years in high school. I’m not sure if they were the reason I first found Finn on the streets of New York, or if it was another matter that made him fled New Orleans. That boy has scars, scars that run maybe deeper than any of our own.”


Is Mike working at the Vineyard?


“Since Hades up and left with his fat Hispanic ass, he is the only one that can answer that question, last we saw Mike, was during NY Fashion week, being overly protective of that fashion designer friend of James.”


Is Rex gonna make the ballet tryout?

Did Rex get his new shoes?

How’s Bacon?


Rex clears his throat, “I think the first two questions were partly answered already, as for Bacon, he’s enjoying his new home as the clubhouse guardian of the Fenrir Motorcycle Club. All the brothers love him, and he has taken a particular liking in Uncle Elvis, always curling up in his lap while church is in session.”


Can Hades & Kemono share Rex?


“When those three are together, it’s like watching Godzilla and King Kong trying to cuddle a little kitten… there will be blood and marshmallows.”


And James! Richard what the hell did you do!?


“Well,” Colt leans back and looks over to Beo, “ we saw them at NY Fashion week, things are going well for them, but it took a hell of a lot of work from both of them to get to that point.”


Who the hell called Hades at the gas station?


“That snake,” Wendigo spits, “is going to be skinned alive when I get my hands on his bony, tattooed neck. He has caused enough damage as it is, and I don’t give a shit who gets hurt by his death, no one crosses my old Prez and gets to live to tell the fucking tail.”


“So that’s all the questions we got? I guess we can stick around for a bit if some of you have more, but just remember to let Wulfie out of the closet when we leave. Not particularly saying you have to untie and ungag him. Just make sure he’s still breathing.”


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