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  1. Felice Stevens (@FeliceStevens1)
    Felice Stevens (@FeliceStevens1) at |

    We miss you here!!! I do love Key Lime pie though. glad to see you settled and happily writing. See you next month at GRL

    1. C.S. Poe
      C.S. Poe at |

      GRL!!! *smooches*

  2. Haldis
    Haldis at |

    I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area pretty much all my life, first in San Jose, then on Bethel Island which is actually part of the Delta (the Heart of, in fact). I am currently in the process of the never-ending move to Oakley.
    I did live in Oslo for five months when I was sixteen, but that was such a long time ago.
    I love key lime pie.


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