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  1. Nihcki
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    I’m also a fan of Poe (Edgar Allan) and TBH, that’s the only reason I read this review. I get so many book review emails that I skim some, delete most without reading the post. I’m glad I decided to read your review (I think? 😊) because now I’m interested in reading this book, yet have another addition to my towering TBR shelf! So I’m going to look on the bright side; despite my I’ll-never-realistically-read-all-of-these-books TBR pile, THIS one truly will get bumped up to the upper rung, because well-used Edgar Allan Poe references! Thanks for a non-spoilery review that pulled me in.

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  3. G. Staggs
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    Loved it! Need the Snow & Winter saga to continue. And C. S. Poe is one to watch.


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