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  1. Trix
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    I always pick the French movie THE GIRL ON THE BRIDGE, featuring Vanessa Paradis as a suicidal girl and Daniel Auteuil as the guy who rescues her from the bridge, who tours as a knife-thrower. Sounds heavy and/or sexist, but it’s full of smartalecky repartee, cool dynamics between them, and a very sweet undercurrent that I don’t want to spoil. It’s great for those people who hate most romantic comedies (like I do), but probably for those who love them, too. For that matter, Auteuil’s MAMA, THERE’S A MAN IN YOUR BED (called ROMAULD ET JULIETTE in French) is pretty entertaining, too. (In that one, he’s a yogurt-company exec who’s suffering from a cheating wife and some icky corporate espionage. His very cool Haitian housekeeper knows the score, and they fall in love…)

  2. Denise
    Denise at |

    I understand what you mean about “Serendipity”. I HATED “My Best Friend’s Wedding” when everybody else was raving about it. My favorite romantic movie is “Love, Actually”. There’s a little cheating in that, but he comes to his senses before he’s made too much of a mess, so it’s OK with me.

  3. marypfra
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    Agree totally about Serendipity and My Best Friend’s Wedding. I adore Love Actually and While You Were Sleeping – I could watch them anytime, anywhere 🙂


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