Dog Dayz!

2016-08-13 10.03.30So this is a bittersweet ZAM post. My beloved German Shepherd Ledger, the wonderful senior dog I adopted last year passed away a couple weeks ago of–among other things–kidney failure. I haven’t really talked about this much. Losing a beloved pet is really tough, harder than I thought it would be. I believe adopting senior dogs is a really great way to find the best dogs in the world, but it’s not for the faint of heart. You open your home and your heart to a pet only to lose them fairly quickly. You expect it. You plan for it, but it’s hard to prepare yourself for the inevitable.

Afterwards of course, you come home to a house that feels so empty and sad. I’m not someone who lets grass grow under my feet too long when it comes to finding another pet, and while that makes some people uncomfortable, I think I do it because I enjoy living with pets. They offer so much.

I used to think they demanded so little… And then along came Dr. Watson:

(Prepare yourself for the CUTE!)
2016-08-22 10.07.49Watson is a mixture of Beagle and Australian Shepherd (maybe). He is a rescue, coming to us all the way from Arkansas. A big shoutout to, an amazing, caring group of people who rescue and place dogs from all over.

The thing is, I went from having a 105-pound GSD who literally could bite my hand off but didn’t, to this little puppy who is constantly trying to bite my hand off and sometimes succeeds.

I swear he looks at us and all he sees are cows to herd.

My doctor has invited me in for a tetanus shot. He’s rather insistent about it, actually.

On a lighter note, because of the changes I’ve made in my lifestyle, including getting and caring for dogs (yes, this is great for you, it turns out), my doctor has discharged me back to the general practice side of things, because I’m no longer taking meds for high blood pressure and my blood sugar is now well within the normal range. Take that, Pre-diabetes!

Speaking of cattle dogs, if you haven’t read My Cowboy Heart, (here’s a link) be sure to keep an eye out for Threep, Crispin’s amazing three-legged rescue. And stay tuned for My Cowboy Freedom, coming in November from InterMix. You can find a pre-order for that one, here.


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  1. 16forward
    16forward at |

    I’m so sorry for your loss but am sure you made his last months special.

  2. ErrynB
    ErrynB at |

    I just lost my senior cat and it was a tough blow. Fortunately, I rescued a puppy a few months ago, so the loss was easier to deal with. And I believe it’s absolutely true that pets make us healthier. Glad to hear you’re doing so well. And have faith…one day Dr. Watson will outgrow the teething stage. But good luck until then…

  3. mztikicat
    mztikicat at |

    Sorry to hear about Ledger, but happy you found Watson. Nothing makes the loss of a beloved pet easy, but rescuing another animal can help the healing process. I rescue displaced, stray, and feral cats, and tend to choose the ones no one else wants due to illness, trauma, age, or attitude. Lost two cats this year, but was given the opportunity to save a beautiful, grumpy Maine Coon-mix as he was being driven to the pound. He’s been a big and lovely PITA and a wonderful balm to help heal my heart.

  4. Lee Rowan
    Lee Rowan at |

    Sounds like Ledger was a healer, and he did the job he came in for. I had a kitten like that once. It’s an honor but it sure hurts.


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