An ordinary man.


My anti-MC,

I have found over the years reading M/M romance that there are a quite a few MCs that are policemen, firemen, doctors, military, millionaires, etc… but not many ordinary guys. Granted, these are the pinnacle of masculinity. The grand poohbahs of manhood. However, ninety-nine percent of us (gay men) are just working class stiffs who are at times are one check away from bankruptcy… my self-included.

I decided early on in my writing career that my MC were going to be a mix of blue and white collar. In my first series, Renovating Love, I had two nurses, a cop (yeah I know), an interior decorator (cliché), an electrician, a translator, a chef and a mathematician. I did my best to make these men everyday men with concerns about bills and job stress. No millionaires here. My one MC’s house was falling around about him at time but he pushed on. When I did Love and Salvage, my MCs were hard working everyday joes. Same goes for the Butcher, the Baker, the Custom Bike Maker. Each one has a regular job and works hard. I’ve had actuaries, bakers, furniture restorers, office managers and editors grace my stories.

Now in fairness, my MC in Desdemona Darkly was wealthy as were my Oswald Witches. I had to make them well off for the story. It’s a conscious effort on my part to make my guys relatable… more human. I plan on keeping my ordinary, yet funny, lovable, odd men. A guy can be a great one and not be an ex-football player who realizes he’s gay. Mine know they are gay and some are very out and loud about it! So three cheers for the ordinary man. He’s just my type.


Matt O.