So it turns out … I have a pool!

IMG_0466Hello Summer!

Okay, I know we’re right smack in the middle of summer already. We got through the dog days, and by that I mean the horrible weekend leading up to the Fourth Of July.

My german shepherd Ledger is extremely sensitive to noise and will literally try to kill himself to avoid it.

We managed his anxiety with drugs and love (and we tranquilized the dog, too) and then came RWA Nationals, and I went to San Diego and met up with my writerly bestie Belinda McBride for thFullSizeRenderat, which was an absolute blast! The above photo is the pool at Humphrey’s Half Moon Bay on Shelter Island where we spent two days unwinding and planning how we’re going to take over the world.

The funny thing is, I kept saying, “Wow, I have to bring my husband here, he’d totally love it, this is paradise.” And things to that effect. And then … I started thinking.

“Wait.” Hm… “I have a pool.”

And I do.

And like everyone who ever had a pool, I’ve been taking it for granted. As I sat there looking at the Humphrey’s pool it occurred to me that what I have, even though I haven’t swum in it for a while, even though we’re in drought stricken Cali and I haven’t watered in eons, so my landscaping is a little sketchy, is rather lovely too. I have a pool. I do. And it’s very nice. And it’s costing an arm and a leg to keep it nice.

And so I said, “what if I just make myself go out there. Pretend I live at this Humphrey’s resort.”

Because look! I kinda do.


So I bought a couple floats, and now, when the afternoon lull hits and the creative flow ebbs and I’m falling asleep anyway, my sons and I go out there and swim, or I’ll wait for my hubby. I got him this:

You know you’re enjoying summer in one of these! 

Be well, everyone! Stay safe, enjoy summer, don’t take what you have for granted, and READ!


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