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  1. H.B.
    H.B. at |

    The Mark and Ox thing I thought was a possibility, lol. Yes, Kelly gave me that vibe and I thought he could be asexual >.< Thanks for sharing those secrets and I'm totally looking forward to those sequels whenever they should come about =D

  2. Birte
    Birte at |

    ok, no, i didn’t catch that with Kelly, but now that I know of it, i want to read his story yesterday. no pressure though lol 🙂

  3. janice
    janice at |

    I could probably write a 10 page essay on all the reasons I liked Wolfsong so much, but I’m no scholar so I’ll keep it short – Wolfsong was ‘epic and awesome’ and I thank you for writing it.

  4. Lorelyrra
    Lorelyrra at |

    I loved Wolfsong even more than I anticipated! I admit I was a bit wary going into Withered + Sere, since all I really knew what that it was dark. That wariness lasted all of two seconds and now it’s in my ‘Favorites’ folder forever. I can’t wait for the sequel! Also: I am SO stoked for Kelly’s book. There is a severe lack of good books with asexual leads. Romance can live without sex and that knowledge needs to be more mainstream!

    1. Jessie
      Jessie at |

      Yeeeeesssss. I loved the fact that kelly was asexual. We definitely need more Ace characters <3

  5. Marymary
    Marymary at |

    ???? glad you made the choices you did, loved wolfing and can’t wait for more!

    1. Marymary
      Marymary at |

      Wolfsong – Dammit autocorrect lol

  6. Elaine Loftin
    Elaine Loftin at |

    Thanks for the update. Look forward to the future books. I had posted on FB that Wolfsong sang me out of a real book slump. I had read several outstanding series and nothing was measuring up. Then I read Wolfsong. Way to go!!

  7. jenf27
    jenf27 at |

    So excited there will be follow-ups to Wolfsong and that the next one will be Mark and Gordo. Yes, I was thinking Kelly might be asexual.

  8. Kendra Patterson
    Kendra Patterson at |

    Love all your books. Still waiting to read Withered + Sere until Crisped + Sere comes out, so I can read it all together. I for one appreciated Ox not forgiving too soon because it’s not realistic of most people and weak of those that do. (I’m referring to major hurts and indiscretions with this comment)

  9. Iodice Giulia
    Iodice Giulia at |

    Thank goodness Mark and Ox boning did not happen…it does feel wrong. I adored this book, not only for the storyline but because your writing abilities are superb and you’ve become my favourite author and in the span of 2 months and I’ve just had to buy all of your books aaand none of them ever disappointed! With that said, I am dying to read Ravensong, I need to know what happened between Mark and Gordo!

  10. S Stacie
    S Stacie at |

    Wolfsong is the only one I’ve read. I adore it, but I’m legit terrified to buy another one. I will. But Jeeze Louise, my heart. Have you ever seen a woman cleaning her toilet and bawling? Not pretty. At all.


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