Saying goodbye…

As my monthly blog post, I wanted to go scratch around in the brain matter of an author that I both love and adore, about a series by this author that now sadly has come to an end.


But is it truly the end for Collars & Cuffs?



So, Mrs K C Wells, Collars & Cuffs: An Unlocked Heart was your first BDSM book; accepted and published, now looking back as you have come to the end of the series, is there anything you regret from it, anything you might like to have changed? And why?

LOL. Yes. Reading through it, I definitely overused the word ‘boy’.

Other than that, I like that story just as it is. It set the scene for the books to follow, because although it is set in a BDSM club in Manchester, the theme is decidedly Love. AUH is a romance with BDSM attached. The books changed after this one – more scenes in the club, for instance – but at the heart of each novel there is a love story.



How did it feel to write the last book? Was it “oh it’s just another book” or was it more personal this time? Was it maybe harder to write this one compared to the first one?

Hoo boy. No way was this ‘just another book.’ We always knew it would be a difficult one to write, just as I always knew Darren would have his own book eventually.

There were so many things we wanted to accomplish – ends to tie up, a hint of history, a closer look at a couple who’d always been on the sidelines, but who’d played a role, and of course, paving the way for what’s to come – and I like to think we did just that.

It was an emotional day when we said, ‘that’t it, we’ve finished.’



Out of the series which book is your personal favourite and do you have a personal favourite character?

Oh, I hate it when I get asked this!

I will always love Alex and Leo, but then again there’s Peter and Thomas… You get the idea? I love them all! As for which is my favorite book, that’s way too difficult a question to answer. I have a soft spot for Make Me Soar, because I wanted Dorian to get his HEA. I thought he was a brat when I wrote AUH, but that changed over time. What surprised me was how Dorian changed throughout the series. His turning point was A Dance with Domination.

I love Trusting Thomas. I love how it moves slowly, because it had to.


Will we, as readers, ever again meet one of the characters or one of the couples in future books or work from you?

*cough* *cough* Very possibly. Those who’ve already read Endings and Beginnings know what’s going to happen, but I’m sure there will be ‘visits’ from some of the characters from Collars & Cuffs.

Coming to the end of a series, do you feel some form of accomplishment or gratification? Or is it more like saying goodbye to an old friend?

I’ve spent this morning reading reviews. What really touched me was how so many readers took this series to their hearts. I see the men of Collars & Cuffs as family, but it’s wonderful to see that readers feel the same way. I began writing AUH as a response to A Book that shall remain nameless – I wanted to write the gay version, only I wanted it to reflect BDSM in a way that THAT one didn’t.

And now I read comments from readers who say it’s their favorite BDSM series.

Now THAT is an accomplishment.



Endings and Beginnings (Collars and Cuffs #8) by K.C. Wells and Parker Williams


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