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  1. jw (@rodeoroughstock)
    jw (@rodeoroughstock) at |

    Totally disagree with you about the series, but your assessment of the audio is fine. Nick Russo was amazing.
    Sometimes life and books are not about instant gratification, so some us did not have a problem with the teasing in series or how it was written. Frankly, I’ve grown a bit tired of instant hook ups in mm books. Not all of us think only with our dicks. I’m glad to see a gradual relationship develop.

    1. Christie Thorsen Ochoada
      Christie Thorsen Ochoada at |

      In all honesty, I absolutely adore slow build ups to a relationship. There are a great many instant gratification books out there, and frankly I have probably read way too many of them. My personal problem was with the teasing. But, again I have read going on 160 books so far this year alone. And, have seen teasing done *much* better in at least 10 of those books. However, this is most certainly only my opinion, based off of my past reading experiences as compared to this one.

      Regardless of our differing opinions, thank you so very much for commenting with yours. I appreciate it more than words can express. 🙂


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