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  1. nicki442
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    That’s why I won’t listen to audiobooks. Never have, and never will. It’s kinda like how books are always better than the movie.

    The Demonica series is spectacular and definitely should be read in order. I’m on book 10.5, and can’t imagine trying to rebuild the world in one book to make it even remotely a stand-alone. I highly recommend that you read the series in order, including the Lords of Deliverance books, before attempting to reread Base Instincts. There are 13 books/novellas ahead of Base Instincts in the Demonica series, and the lowest I’ve ever rated one was 3.5 stars (and I’ve only ever given books 5 stars twice).

    1. Christie Thorsen Ochoada
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      Thanks Nikki! I just might. 🙂


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