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  1. 16forward
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    I love the Thirds series. I’m looking forward to this!

  2. nicki442
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    I’m shocked! (sarcasm font on) YOU, of all people, DON’T have a series Bible? With your beautiful planner and gorgeous office space full of accessories for your art and writing, I’d thought you have every tiny tidbit recorded somewhere. However, I AM relieved to learn that you are indeed human, and honest enough to say, “Oops, I don’t remember this detail, does anybody else remember?”

    I think that having a series Bible is an excellent idea. For you and maybe even your readers someday. As for me (a pen and paper writer of way too many books that I’m not sure I want to publish), having a series Bible may be just what I need to organize all of the who-what-where-when’s and create a series that makes sense, at least for me. 😉 I’d definitely need an expandable binder, with sections for each book, the individual plotlines, and the overall story detailing how each book fits in. Then sections for the characters and their family trees… Thanks for the inspiring post!

  3. mztikicat
    mztikicat at |

    Charlie, I love your THIRDS series. One of my fav m/m series, and also in my top 10 fav UF/PNR series (cross genre). The complex world building, richness of characters, and family ties, friendships, friend-to lovers/friends-and-lovers, relationships keep me addicted and craving more. I can absolutely understand the necessity for a reference Bible. (That’s going to have to be one big *ss book!) Have already pre-ordered Book 7, and I’m really excited to see how you plan to continue from this point, and what is in store for the THIRDS universe.


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