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  1. Lisa S
    Lisa S at |

    Sinners Gin is a great series & Tristan James narrates it quite well! I also like listening to Greg Tremblay, Iggy Toma, Nick J. Russo, & Mark Westfield.

  2. Tammy Anita
    Tammy Anita at |

    I don’t listen to many audio books. I did listen to Sinner’s Gin though and enjoyed it. I know just what you mean about accents. I actually had to stop listening to a book because the voice actor’s French accent was atrocious. I’m from the southern US and everybody thinks they can do that accent. There’s nothing worse than hearing an actor do a bad job of it.
    The book sounds great. Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

  3. Lee Todd
    Lee Todd at |

    I love listening to Greg Tremblay, Sean Crisden, Shannon Gunn, Mark Westfield, Gomez Pugh, Brad Langer
    I agree that some accents can throw you out of the listening experience


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