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  1. Jacki Perrette
    Jacki Perrette at |

    I think we’re meant to see Avery as shallow to begin with. One of his tasks as a character is to see beyond himself and his own circumstances. It also gives the relationship a challenge. In the story we see Avery transform from an entitled, self-absorbed person into a man who looks clearly at himself, is open-minded enough to see his own short-comings and do something about it. He makes some bad decisions and gets himself into serious trouble, he’s cut off by his father and has to learn how to support himself. These two factors force him to make changes that turn him around. He develops a sense of empathy so strong that he begins to devote time and caring for those around him. He single-mindedly pursues the solution to the mysterious disappearance of a wolf pack member because he cares about her hurting father.

    Even when Avery is meant to be a prick, I could still see the goodness in him. He cared about his friend and had a good relationship with him. I like a story with a character who transforms for the better. It’s very satisfying and so is this.


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