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  1. Christina
    Christina at |

    Thanks for the reviews .I read quite a few bad reviews about this series, so I’ve been reluctant to read them. I have read her Blue Moon series and enjoyed it very much.

  2. jo
    jo at |

    I really like this review site and have trusted many of your recommendations, but I’m disappointed that you would review these books without even mentioning the problematic treatment of the “lesbian” villains in the book. I expect reading M/M books to be a space where I don’t have to worry about encountering unchecked homophobia- it’s one reason why, as a lesbian, I read them. This book made me feel like I was punched while walking down the street in my own neighborhood. I don’t mind if you enjoy the interaction between Syn and Godfrey- I rather liked them myself- but I do think you owe to to your whole audience to put in a trigger warning for the absolutely vile representation and treatment of part of the female part of the gay community.


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