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  1. Mary Doherty
    Mary Doherty at |

    Are all 8 books about the same characters? I’m just really over reading trilogy series. I I like series where each book is about different main characters, but not where it’s the same ones.

  2. AM Fasano
    AM Fasano at |

    I love this series! Was Nana in the first book? It’s been a while since I read it & forget if she doesn’t make an appearance until book 2, which would make sense since that features her grandson….I enjoy series that focus on the same characters (Ella Frank’s Temptation series, NR Walker’s Red Dirt Heat series, AJ Rose’s Power Exchange series) but I also enjoy series such as this that are in the same “universe” (KA Mitchell’s Bad in Baltimore series, AE Via’s Nothing Special series, River Jaymes’ Boyfriend Chronicles series).

  3. Jon Johnson
    Jon Johnson at |

    Amazing book in a wonderfully crafted series. I love Alexa Land. She is very talented.

    1. Alexa Land
      Alexa Land at |

      Thank you so much, Jon! <3

  4. Deborah Patterson
    Deborah Patterson at |

    This series is a favorite. I am always wAiting on the next book.


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