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    […] “I thought those were the service bays,” Cole said, thumbing over his shoulder. “They’re for the traditional shop work my techs do on a daily basis. These are my service calls. Side project I’m doing and there’s no money in it for the guys so I don’t really want to burden them. I figured we could work on them and, in between, we could tinker with the Yenko if you want or wrap up the last few details on the Drayton rig. I worked on most of it over the weekend but there are still a few things to finish up.” Cole stopped walking. “You’d let me work on the Yenko with you?” Ty nodded. “Sure, why not. I’ve seen how picky you are with your work.” “So it’s my reward for helping you with your service calls?” Ty chuckled. “Do you do tricks too?” Cole raised an eyebrow and half smiled. “Oh, I’ve got a lot of tricks I can show you.” He smiled at the rush of color to Ty’s cheeks, loving the way Ty always reacted to his teasing. “You do realize you’re an HR nightmare,” Ty said, looking at Cole with that glimmer in his eye. Cole’s pulse raced. “HR?” “Human Resources. Sexual harassment, all that,” Ty said, trying to look serious and indifferent, but failing miserably. Cole belly-laughed so loud it echoed in the shop. He then stilled, straightened his shoulders, and mocked a serious tone. “I could, of course, be completely professional and proper with you, Mr. Calloway, if that is your preference,” he said, mimicking Matt’s formal tone. Ty turned to face him, the mock seriousness transitioning into something more genuine. “And I, of course,” he said, reciprocating Cole’s tone, “would be deeply disappointed.” He looked up into those brown eyes and smiled. “My army of superheroes and I would be as well.” He bit back a smile and bowed. Ty’s low rumble-laugh shot straight to Cole’s dick. Cole straightened. “Admit it, you like me.” Ty raised his hand and put his thumb and index fingertips together with only a sliver of a gap between them. “Maybe a little bit.” Cole looked at Ty’s fingers then glanced back at him with a huge grin on his face. “It’s a start,” he said before walking off to the two cars parked in the bay.  Read Donna’s Review: HERE […]

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